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Why we are building Trana

Why we are building Trana

I have seen Trana from the inside and have to say that it is a potential game-changer for everyone who wants to build an online academy or respectively an internal LMS. It feels intuitive but from a technical standpoint, it is very powerful under the hood.

Maximilian Fleitmann

CIO StudyHelp

What can it do?

Trana is built with focus on flexibility and UX but it also covers the needs of a traditional LMS.

  • Roles and Permissions

    Collaborate on your course-creation and share your trainings with customers, partners or employees

  • Marketing Integrations

    Use Trana as an additive marketing and retention channel, therefore you can integrate with the latest marketing technologies

  • xAPI Compliant

    Trana is built to seamlessly integrate with traditional LRSs and LMSs

  • LRS & LMS

    Use Trana as your intuitive and lightweight Learn Management System with an integrated Learning Record Store

  • Markup Import & Webhooks

    We want you to create courses within minutes. Copy and paste your documentation from Google Docs, Github or Confluence

  • Custom URL & Branding

    On paid plans, you can customize your workspace and setup a custom domain

  • Mobile First / Cross Device

    Learning happens everywhere. Trana is extinsively built for a crossdevice experience

  • Multiple Workspaces

    Setup multiple workspaces for different teams and groups

  • LaTeX Support

    Writing technical tutorials and documentation? Trana has full LaTeX support

  • Built in IDE (coming soon)

    Create and publish interactive code-challanges. Pre-install CLIs for a frictionless learning experience

  • E-Commerce (coming soon)

    Sell dedicated trainings and courses

  • Marketplace (coming soon)

    License learning materials on a pay per use basis from industry experts

Integrations you wish for

Connect trana to your CRM, import Loom-videos or push data to your Google Analytics.

Integrations you wish for

What you see is what you get

Trana comes with an extensive list of building blocks that help you build your courses and tutorials. It's rich-editor allows you to customize whatever you need.

What you see is what you get

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